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Main research topics

  • statistical method development
  • robust statistical procedures and outlier identification
  • robust statistical methods for dimension reduction in complex data structures
  • planning and evaluation of surveys
  • collection of sensitive data
  • recording complex situations and correlations through surveys

Selected publications of the chair

Articles in refereed journals

Herrmann, C., Rhein, S., Sträter, K. F. (2022). Consumers` sustainability-related perception of and willingness-to-pay for food packaging alternatives. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 181, 106219. DOI:   .

Rhein, S., Sträter, K. F. (2021). Corporate Self-Commitments to Mitigate the Global Plastic Crisis: Recycling rather than Reduction and Reuse. Journal of Cleaner Production, 126571. DOI:    .

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Hirschauer, N., Grüner, S., Mußhoff, O., Becker, C. (2018). Pitfalls of significance testing and p-value variability: An econometrics perspective, Statistics Surveys, 12, 136-172. DOI: 10.1214/18-SS122   .

Droste, N., Becker, C., Ring, I., Santos, R. (2018). Decentralization Effects in Ecological Fiscal Transfers: A Bayesian Structural Time Series Analysis for Portugal, Environmental Resource Economics, 71, 1027-1051. DOI:   .

Angelova, D., Becker, C., Hockmann, H. (2018). An indicator for nature-state detection in the state-contingent framework and the case of grain production in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, Ecological Indicators, 89, 422-437. DOI:   .

Schmid, M.; Rhein, S. (2018). Kunststoffflut – Potenziale von Substitutions- und Designstrategien. Wirtschaftsdienst, 98(12), 877-883. DOI: 10.1007/s10273-018-2380-x   .

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Ngui, D. M., Becker, C., Thomi, W. (2008). Corruption, Insecurity and Technical Efficiency: Evidence from Kenyan Manufacturing firms, International Journal of Afro-Asian Studies 1, 65-78.

Contributions to conference volumes

Rhein, S., Schmid, M., Sträter, K. F. (2020). Besondere Aspekte von Interviewsituationen – Ein Erfahrungsbericht, in: Raich, M., Müller-Seeger, J., Ebert, H. (Hrsg.). Symposium Qualitative Sozialforschung 2019. Dialoge, Denken und Durchbrüche. Hallesche Schriften der Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden. DOI:   .

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Becker, C. (2010). Exploring Sensitive Topics: Sensitivity, Jeopardy, and Cheating, in: Locarek-Junge, H., Weihs, C. (Eds.), Classification as a Tool for Research, Springer, Berlin, 299-305. DOI:   .

Becker, C., Theis, W. (2007). Combining dimension reduction and Fuzzy-Clustering: An application to business cycles, in: Heilemann, U., Weihs, C. (Eds.), Classification and Clustering in Business Cycle Analysis, RWI: Schriften, Heft 79, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, 137-144. DOI:   .

Contributions to commemorative publications

Becker, C., Dombrowski, K. (2013). Eine Trendwende in der Marketingforschung Aktuelle Chancen und Risiken von Web Surveys, in: Crockford, G., Ritschel, F., Schmieder, U.-M. (Hrsg.), Handel in Theorie und Praxis, Festschrift zum 60. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Dirk Möhlenbruch, Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden, 439-465. DOI:   .

Becker, C., Liebscher, S., Kirschstein, T. (2013). Multivariate Outlier Identification Based on Robust Estimators of Location and Scatter, in: Becker, C., Fried, R., Kuhnt, S. (Eds.), Robustness and Complex Data Structures, Festschrift in Honour of Ursula Gather, Springer, Heidelberg, 103-115. DOI:   .


Rhein, S. (2017): Stakeholder-Dialoge für unternehmerische Nachhaltigkeit. Eine qualitativ-empirische Studie zum Diskursverhalten von Unternehmen, Wiesbaden, Springer-Gabler. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-16275-7   .

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Genschel, U., Becker, C. (2004). Schließende Statistik. Grundlegende Methoden. Springer, Berlin. DOI: 10.1007/b137973   .

Working Papers

Hirschauer, N., Gruener, S., Mußhoff, O., Becker, C. (2020). A primer on p-value thresholds and α-levels – two different kettles of fish. SocArXiv Papers. DOI: 10.31235/   .